Supported output file formats

We currently support the following output formats.
Collada (dae)
Wavefront Object (obj)
Stereolithography (stl) binary and ASCII
Stanford Polygon Library (ply)

Supported input file formats

We currently support the following input formats.
Please note that some features of these formats might be not supported by the importer or by the selected output format. Collada (dae, xml)
Blender (blend)
Biovision BVH (bvh)
3D Studio Max 3DS (3ds)
3D Studio Max ASE (ase)
Wavefront Object (obj)
Stanford Polygon Library (ply)
AutoCAD DXF (dxf)
IFC-STEP, Industry Foundation Classes (ifc)
Neutral File Format (nff)
Sense8 WorldToolkit (nff)
Valve Model (smd,vta)
Quake I (mdl)
Quake II (md2)
Quake III (md3)
Quake 3 BSP (pk3)
1 RtCW (mdc)
DirectX (x)
Quick3D (q3o,q3s)
Raw Triangles (raw)
AC3D (ac)
Stereolithography (stl) ASCII and binary
Autodesk DXF (dxf)
Irrlicht Mesh (irrmesh)
Irrlicht Scene (irr)
Object File Format (off)
Terragen Terrain (ter)
3D GameStudio Model (mdl)
3D GameStudio Terrain (hmp)
Ogre (mesh.xml, skeleton.xml, material)
Milkshape 3D (ms3d)
LightWave Model (lwo)
LightWave Scene (lws)
Modo Model (lxo)
CharacterStudio Motion (csm)
Stanford Ply (ply)
TrueSpace (cob, scn)
XGL (xgl, zgl)

Used tools

This online mesh converter uses the great Open Asset Import Lib.